Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas, Nevada

Best of Vegas in 2 Days

Vegas has a rhythm of its own, of life, colors and the incessant ringing of cash in the casinos. So after a 4 hour flight from Detroit to Las Vegas, the Spirit Airways flight landed on the runway in the heart of a city that was so brightly illuminated that it is hard for anyone not to notice the  charged atmosphere. The travelers, aircraft crew and the pilot erupted in a frenzy of cheers – Yes, that’s what Vegas does to you. It shows you how to party.

Cometh The Hour – Jeffrey Archer

The penultimate book of the Clifton Chronicles takes the readers through a rush of happenings set in the mid 1970’s  in the UK, India, East Berlin and Moscow and the lives of characters that have formed the very base of Clifton saga. Can Archer deliver yet another thrilling installment of the Clifton family ? Read on to know more…

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