Remnants Of A Separation by Aanchal Malhotra

To a South Indian, Indo-Pak partition was never a serious topic of discussion. I knew it as a terrible incident in the modern history of independent India blemished with stains of blood and marks of violence. Nothing more,nothing less. Kushwant Singh’s “A train to Pakistan” was the catalyst. I was interested in knowing the stories from that miserable period and I decided to go with Ms. Malhotra’s debut book.The friend from the other corner of the world sent it as a gift through giggles bookshop.

April Wrap Up

Sophie Kinsella has been my favorite author when it comes to chick lit. Remember me is about a Lexi who wakes up in a hospital bed losing 3 years of her life.She now has a life that was a dream. She is surprised to know about her husband who looks like an Armani model.

Cometh The Hour – Jeffrey Archer

The penultimate book of the Clifton Chronicles takes the readers through a rush of happenings set in the mid 1970’s  in the UK, India, East Berlin and Moscow and the lives of characters that have formed the very base of Clifton saga. Can Archer deliver yet another thrilling installment of the Clifton family ? Read on to know more…

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