Planning your fall trip to Upper Mid West – Traverse City, Michigan

Before we knew it, summer has ended and here we are, getting ready for the prettiest of all seasons before we set forth into the world of monochrome that winter brings. If you have not yet planned your fall trip, hurry, and get going because it is finally the season and it is getting harder and harder to find accommodation in the country’s hottest fall destinations.

In this post, Kindle & Kompass takes on one of our top picks in Michigan to spend your fall. For those seeking to watch fall foliage in all its grace and beauty, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan should definitely be among your top picks. The “True North” lives up to its name every fall season with scintillating display of colors for an amazingly long stretch that inarguably find its place among the best road trips in the mid-west.

Before heading off – ensure to check the fall color calendar to get your dates right – you don’t want to be way too ahead of time or too late into the fall.  Definitely check before planning your itinerary to know what would be the best time to visit the place that you are heading for. The onset of fall changes every year based on the year’s weather condition.

Traverse City

Autumn is a dazzling time to visit the Traverse City area of Michigan. The famous four season playground is painted in hues of vibrant oranges, reds and yellows providing a spectacular fall color display. Take a scenic bike ride, kayak or take a hike across those scenic trails.

We wandered off into the woods and look what we found…

If you are lucky enough, you may be able to witness one of those rare early winter storms – because we did ! Though it limits your activities outside, what it did promise, is a display of bright oranges against the snow white – something that you cannot hope to witness every year.

Pictured here is the Cedar lake in Traverse City on a beautiful autumn morning

Plan your stay along one of those many thousand lakes which makes Michigan one of the most popular destination for recreational boating. Watch those sheets of gold, orange and crimson reflect off deep blue waters of the many smaller lakes that dot the great lakes state – make your stay special. And, hope for some great sunlight! For those who are interested in knowing, the above pic was clicked by the lakeside that we stayed. You can find details of this place here.


For anyone visiting Traverse City, it is best to know that there is no particular spot or destination that you need to go to see fall at its best. Simply drive along the famous scenic routes for a promised display of fall foliage. There are numerous routes to follow and here are a few of the best.

Seek, and you shall find it!

So we are ready to go on our fall trip of the year. We will be back with more details and information on how we did ours this year.  Happy Autumn everyone! Enjoy the season.



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