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 “When you travel, you don’t fear the unknown. You become a part of it.

 You don’t meet a million people. You meet yourself, in million forms.” She had once said.

I had fallen for a gypsy heart.

We were complete opposites. She was a secret traveler, I was a dreamer. 
She was filled with experiences, I was filled with stories.
Though we lived across the street, we spoke to each other after 14 long years of awkward silence. Everything had changed. She was a well-kept secret. Everything about her was a missing piece of beautiful puzzle she had turned into. But the Universe had other things to offer before I could bring all the pieces together. After all that only one question remained, WHERE IS RHEA?

Review :

Author : Madhusudhan R.

Pages :156

Format : e-book

Publisher : White Falcon Publishing

Kindleandkompass rating – 4.5/5

Gautham and Rhea are childhood friends who live across the same street. They stop talking to each other after a tiff and they take 14 long years to bond again. They begin to understand each other better, though as individuals they are two opposite poles.Their friendship slowly evolves into love. And then the suspense factor jumps in to keep you guessing till you finish the book.
The story revolves around Gautham, Rhea and Gautham’s friends. Gautham is a simple guy, leading a normal life with his family and friends. He is a dreamer. Rhea is mysterious.Brought up by a single parent, she has  a troubled life.A secret traveler she is, who appears to be a rebel at the beginning . But, as you flip through the pages, her character unfolds. She will be loved for what she is. Does she sound like the main protagonist? Yes, she is. Gautham’s friends @ his gang is sure to remind everyone their good old college days. They are the kind of youngsters who dream to pursue their passion rather than a 9-5 desk job.
The author uses Gautham’s point of view to narrate the story. His writing style is effortless and uses a simple language. The plot is crisp with no drama, but packed with suspense. The fun moments between Gautham and his friends are easy-breezy. How Rhea reconciles suddenly with Gautham owes to her mysterious character?! The conversations between the protagonists makes you ponder about life and unpuzzles Rhea’s character. The story did not have any dull moment and scores full for an engrossing read. The book is quite short and it’s easy to devour in one go.
This budding author has the knack of grabbing the attention of his readers, right from page 1. The philosophies and life quotes are laid out so nicely that doesn’t cause boredom, but makes you give it a thought. Overall, a short read with enough mystery and nail-biting moments.

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Know the author :

Madhusudhan wrote his first novel on love when he was 21, because he realized writing about love is easier than actually finding it. His hobbies have changed from time to time but watching people behave remained his favorite.

He has written short films, ad films and along the side has also completed his bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical engineering. He is currently working as a design engineer in a well-known aerospace firm. If he is not writing, you can find him watching Sitcoms, or wondering if penguins have knees.

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