A Year That Was – 2017

For quite some time as we remember, we have had the internet presence through Facebook, Instagram, e-mails and writing random thoughts was something we’d loved. Amidst a 9 hour job, family and commitments that swept in like a routine, we kept voicing our views on the books that we read and narrating our travel stories, only to a smaller group of audience using other platforms and websites. And, to break life’s monotony and bring in some creativity with a  mix of both passion and fun , we decided to give blogging a shot, an idea once sown by a good friend.

As voracious readers and travel enthusiasts, we knew our niche. And it all started… From coining the blog name to making people notice our blog, from deciding the topics for the weekly post to choosing the apt pictures, in a non-complaining tone, we’d say it was not as easy as we thought. Every teeny-weeny thing came  as a learning experience. But, we finally had a channel that was ours, a space to share our passion and the excitement, a way to heal and feel therapeutic – KindleAndKompass was our biggest gift of 2017 to ourselves and to those who always showered us with the encouragement to do something bigger.

In a short span of under 4 months since its inception on Sept 19,2017, KindleAndKompass has received love from a lot of friends and followers, readers from 24 countries, words of motivation and suggestions from unprecedented quarters and this is going to keep us sticking over this space for long. As the new year dawns, we have bigger shoes to fill in and we are excited to see where this is going to take us. We promise you more excerpts from our travel diaries, book reviews and a better user experience. As we continue to aim for the stars, we wish a Happy New Year to everyone who has shown us love and support and shined the beacon of hope and happiness in us. Let us celebrate the spirit and happiness of 2018 with love and hope.


Neena & Rama

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