My Spring Read – Rushing Waters by Danielle Steel

I enter a reading slump when spring-summer arrives. The only reason for this is I end up spending more time being outdoors than being cooped up inside with a book like how it is done in the winter months. After all, Michigan gives us only about 4 months of good weather, and we try to enjoy it to the fullest. So here is the review of one of books I managed to read this spring so far.

Rushing Waters by Danielle Steel

Set in the backdrop of New York preparing to face a destructive storm Ophelia, Danielle Steel narrates the story of how the storm passes through the lives of 3 different people – Ellen, Charles and Peter.

Ellen is married to George who is British. For over a decade she has transplanted herself to Britain and changed her American ways and likes to lead a life that her husband chose for them – the British way. The only happiness that evaded their lives was the joy of having children. When Ellen sets off to New York to visit her mother Grace during the time of Ophelia, little did she know how much her own life would change after the storm passed.

Charles is visiting New York to meet his 2 daughters who are currently with his ex-wife Gina. Nigel, Gina’s current partner is away to take care of his studio when the storm strikes while Gina and the kids take refuge at a shelter for the storm victims. Charles being the gentleman he is, offers every support for his ex-wife and two kids without overstepping his limits. Can there be hope in their relationship again?

Peter, Ben and Anna and Ben’s dog Mike are probably the most sensitive part of the story. A wrong decision during the time of Ophelia causes one of them to lose their life. Can the rest live with the guilt of having lost one of their close friends? Young at heart, while they battle storms of guilt and loss within, the hurricane sweeps through New York changing their lives and relationships once and for all.

Apart from these central characters, there are a few others who weave in and out of the book – Bob and Jim probably being our most favorite out of the lot.

KindleandKompass verdict : 2/5

Danielle Steel, despite her past record of some amazing books, fails to deliver on this one. The narration style is pretty normal and there is nothing that can excite the reader or keep them wanting to read on. Most of the places, the story line is plain boring or predictable. The characters in her books are far from what the normal crowd can relate to and fails to leave an impression. We hope she manages to write real stories once again. Unless you are looking for a time pass easy breezy read, this book does not have much to offer.

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Rushing waters, Danielle Steel


  1. How about a post on Wayanad on its current situation now with pictures? A link to the Kerala CM donation fund would add value too.

    1. I do wish to! Just that I barely get time to write anything while I am here! 🙁 Lazy you see…

    1. There are a few of her older ones which were definitely great… cant say the same about the recent ones… 🙁

    1. I did think this one would work and I would fal in love with DAnielle Steele again but alas, it did not!

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