Finding Blue in the Blue City – Jodhpur

I was so interested right from the beginning, about Jodhpur, the blue city. I was hoping to find a lot of beautiful lanes(like shown in the movies)with houses and doors painted in different shades of blue. As we entered Jodhpur from the NH, I was utterly disappointed to see an overly crowded city. I was looking through every other lane to spot some blue. I did not. But wait.I am going to tell you where to find the blue houses in Jodhpur as I list out the “must- visit” places of the city

Mehrangarh Fort:

Mehrangarh fort , Jodhpur

The main attraction of Jodhpur is the majestic Mehrangarh fort. Huge and  situated at a height of 410 feet , the fort is visible from many corners of the city. The entrance is through one of the huge gates and it is so lovely and glamorous inside the fort.


As you walk through the gates and the cobbled roads, you will completely feel transformed to a different era. A huge part of the palace is turned into a museum housing Royal artifacts . The museum is not very special and you can quickly walk through. Look out for  the Jharokhas, expansive courtyards, the glass mahal that are  intricately decorated. I bet you can’t take your eyes off,but only feel mesmerized in the beauty and grandeur.

Mrhrangarh fort

The main palace aka the museum is 4 storied with narrow steps. It turned out to be very claustrophobic and I hurried through the steps skipping some parts of the museum. But once you reach to the top most floor, the beautiful view of the blue city awaits you. So this is the first glance of the Blue City.


Mehrangarh is huge and takes approximately 3-4 hours to explore . There are a few restaurants selling refreshments and a few shops selling souvenirs(read pricey stuff). Elevator facilities(at a special price) are provided to those who cannot take the stairs up to the last floor of the fort palace.

Now to find the lanes with blue houses, you can follow the trail that is on the left side of the fort and walk a few hundred meters. Small lanes leading to the blue houses begins right at the foothill of the fort.

Blue City Jodhpur

Travel tip – There are zip-lining activities available.Ticket counters are put up near the entry gate. For the adventurous travelers, this is the best way to explore the fort.

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Entry fee to the monument is INR100 per Indian adult and INR600 for international tourists. Audio guides are available for an extra fee of INR180.

Best time to visit – 2pm – 6pm.

Travel Tip – Plan your stay in Jodhpur for 2 days.Plan your stay in and around the fort . Most of the hostels and guest houses offer a roof top and views of the fort at night is a must watch.

Umaid Bhawan Palace & Museum :

The Palace of Raja is now a museum hosting artifacts and a few vintage cars. The architecture which is the English style is the only appealing thing about this vast palace that limits visitors to just one section of it.

Umaid Bhawan Palace

Entry fee per adult is INR30. You will hardly need 30-40 minutes to explore the place. We were really tired of museums and seeing the old swords and cutlery pieces behind protected glass panes. However,you may chose to experience the hospitality of the Ummai Bhawan Palace’s fine dining affair.

Jaswant Thada:

A 19th century cenotaph that serves as the cremation ground of the royals of Mewar, is yet another attraction in Jodhpur that is very close to the Mehrangarh fort. We skipped through this place and spent that time in exploring the beauty of Mehrangarh.

Madore Fort & Garden :

Located approximately 8-10 kms from Jodhpur, Madore once served as the capital for the Mewars. Consisting of a cluster of cenotaphs and gardens ,this is now a picnic spot for the locals and the tourists. If you have a busy schedule in Jodhpur, it is advisable to skip this fort garden .

Clock Tower Market :

Clock tower market

To witness the colors and flavors of Jodhpur, head straight to the Clock tower market. This appears to be the heart of local shopping in the city. From Sarees to Sabhji, lasi to kachori, you name it, you get it here. The finest variety of spices are available here in the small shops.Walk around the small lanes in and around the market for handicrafts and all things that screams  Rajasthani . I happened to visit this place and the day of “Karwa Chauth” and do I still have narrate my experience ?!There are few heritage walks that starts from the Clock tower and takes you through the lanes of the Blue city, exploring the food, culture and lives of the people of Jodhpur.

Nai Sarak Market :

This is the go-to place in Jodhpur for the traditional Bhandej fabrics.The market is also famous for its leather souvenirs and considered as the safest place to shop in Jodhpur.

Mochi Market :

As the name suggests, this market is the place to buy colorful Juttis and other colorful footwear. You will also find lac bangles and other tribal silver jewelry in the Mochi Market. Bargaining is the mantra!

Rajasthan folk music

In an effort to locate the blue alleys and houses, I stepped out in the streets of Jodhpur with the aid of Google maps and a pair of little hands holding mine to follow my steps. Once you step in the markets and lanes of Jodhpur, the bright color fabrics, the wooden handicrafts, blue pottery, street food and aromatic spices will  prompt you enough to grab a  few. I found the blue alleyways and houses here and there, but the places were so crowded that I couldn’t click a proper picture. But I did see not just the blue city I had imaged. I saw a myriad of colors.


We hope this post will help you in finding the blue in Jodhpur!

Signing off for now, until we return to narrate our experiences form the Golden city of Rajasthan.

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  1. Very well composed. I have found many blue houses in old city which was quite dirty but when I am look at the pictures ,it was totally worth getting lost in those chaotic lanes..

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